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$100,000 Pyramid, The
Review 1:
$100,000 Pyramid is a great computer version of The Pyramid game show,
one of the most successful TV game shows ever made. The show was
nominated 16 times for the Emmy Award, and won the Emmy nine times. This
computer version is based on the latest version of the show, $100,000
Pyramid, hosted by John Davidson. The goal of this trivia quiz variant is
to guess seven words in 30 seconds or less from a category that you
select off the Pyramid. Played in three rounds, the team with the highest
point total wins the game and moves on to the bonus round called The
Winner's Circle for a chance at the grand prize. The object here is to
describe what the category is: one person gives the clues, and the
category is then guessed by the contestant. If the contestant guesses all
six categories in 60 seconds or less, he/she wins the grand prize. This
PC version of the show is very faithful to the original, although some of
the questions are too obscure, and computer players' intelligence is
quite low. Hundreds of trivia questions will likely keep fans entertained
for hours, though, or at least the few minutes it'll take to reminisce
about the golden days of television ;) Recommended, and be sure to use
slow down programs (e.g. MoSlo or Bremze) to make the game winnable.

Review 2:

$100,000 Pyramid is a Game Show. You can have 1 to 4 player games and
choose from 2 difficulty settings. "In the One Player Game the player
selects one of 6 categories and then tries to guess one of the three best
clues for each word given on the screen. There are 7 words in each
category to guess best clues for and the player bonus round. For each
correct clue entered the player must get 30 of the 42 possible clue
correct or 20 in Beginner Mode" - $100,000 Pyramid Manual. This is an ok
game, but it runs a bit quick on a Windows 98 computer. You could give
this game a go if you want a multiplayer game with your mates.

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