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Genre: Simulations


Review 1:
If You played Ports of call and if You liked it, then You'll like 1869.
Just like in Ports of Call, you will have to buy ships, equip them and
make them sail to distant ports in order to make some money with them.
The game is full of micromanagement and if you are a business sim freak
then this is the right game for you. You will start in the year of 1854
AD. You will have some money to spend at the beginning and make an empire
with it. The ships are not as secure as the modern ships found in Ports
of Call so crashes and damage are more likely to happen. If you turn on
the historical mode you might even learn something while you are playing
1869. The game is not very entertaining if you're playing it solo, but if
you have someone to compete with it gets on a complete new level. While
you're in port you can do various things. You can visit the taverns and
employ new sailors for your ships, buy and sell goods as well as buy,
sell and repair the ships that you already have. Actual sailing is done
by plotting a route and then watching the days go by, interrupted only by
the occasional random event. Basically you'll be planning routes,
watching out for special assignments (that pay well if completed on time)
and generally trying to steer clear of the shores of bankruptcy. Pretty
nice game for a family to play. 1869 will not amaze you but it can be
very entertaining for a while. Making a profitable company and earning
big money always makes the people feel good, no matter if it's just a

Review 2:

1869 is a fun 17th century trading game that is similar to its
contemporary High Seas Trader but with more emphasis on trading and
planning routes than on naval navigation. The game also (perhaps
unwittingly) borrows concepts from Sid Meier's classic Railroad Tycoon to
good effect, such as random special shipping assignments that will earn
you extra cash if you complete it in time. Plan your trade routes,
organize a fleet, and finances carefully-- this game is no cakewalk :)
Definitely a great game that finally put underrated developed Max Design
on the map.

Review 3:

17th century trading game. Similar to the Tycoon games. Plan routes,
trade stuff, look after your cash and sail the high seas!

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