3 Demon

Copyright: © 1983 Pc Research
Genre: Arcade action

Arcade action

Review 1:
3-Demon is a 3D version of the once popular PacMan. You collect "Food
Dots" and occasionly collect "Power Pills" which enable you to eat the
roaming ghosts. You get points for collecting Food Dots and Eating
Ghosts, once all food dots are eaten you are taken to the next level.
There are also 9 difficulty levels which should provide you with a
challenge. The game ran perfectly in Windows 98 so there is no need to go
to DOS to play it or use MoSlow or other CPU slowing utils.

Review 2:

It's Pac-Man in 3D - simple as that :) I guess you know that concept -
eat pills avoid the ghosts unless you've eaten one of the big magic pills
and can chase the ghosts. All is pretty fun, the game is solidly
programmed (in Pascal - a bonus-point in my eyes ;) ) - and well, 3D is a
modern thing, isn't it? Hehe...

Review 3:

One of the first 3D games I played on the computer. It's actually a
Pacman clown but instead of viewing topdown, you see the field from
Pacman's persepctive.

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