3d Cyberpuck

Copyright: © 1995 Dungeon Entertainment
Genre: Sports

3D Cyberpuck
One of the more obscure shareware titles by Webfoot, 3D Cyberpuck is a
decent futuristic sports game that utilizes good 3D graphics and fluid
controls. Best described as a cross between hockey and soccer, your goal
in the game is to maintain control over the magnetic ball and keep the
opponent in check. What makes the game a lot of fun are the many cool
items you can use to make your opponent miserable, including portable
walls, gravity wells, boosters, landmines, etc. The registered version
(the one on this site, of course) includes network play and many more
items to discover and use. Overall, a unique and quite entertaining game,
if a bit lacking in long-term play value due to the absence of tournament
play or extensive player records. If you like futuristic, unique sports
games, give this one a try. If you like neither soccer nor hockey, and
have no penchant for arcade-oriented games that require quick reflexes
and sharp eyesight, play something else :)

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