3d Table Sports

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Genre: Sports

3D Table Sports
3D Table Sports is an okay collection of indoor sports games. Indoor
sport games are few and far between, and although this is not a bad game,
it is unfortunately not a game that will stop you from looking for a
better one. The game offers 3 games for one or two players over the
Internet: the college favorites Foosball and Air Hockey (called
"Slamhockey" here), and less popular Power Hoops. The problem is that
none of the games really stands out. Slamhockey, for example, is not as
much fun as Br?derbund's good old Shufflepuck Cafe. Each game features
fully rendered 3D graphics and many play options, but the gameplay feels
bland and uninteresting. It is also not very realistic: in Slamhockey,
again, the AI player advances right up to the table. Since nobody has
10-12 foot arms in real life, this is both strange and distracting. All
in all, a fun diversion you will enjoy for a few minutes, before getting
back to other, better sports games. SporTime's much older Indoor Sports
Volume 1 is far superior than this newer game.

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