3d World Boxing

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Genre: Sports

3D World Boxing
Review 1:
A good boxing game all though the game doesn't offer anything unique
other than a regular boxing game. The graphics are good and the game does
offer several things when you make your boxer. It just don't have the
famous "touch" that a game must have to be good. The worst thing about
the game is the actual controls and movement during a fight as it's quite
slow and the movements looks more like a machine than an actual boxer. So
if you are looking for a good game I suggest you take a look at 4D Boxing
instead of this one. But this game is still playable if you like boxing
games though.

Review 2:

Yet another nice boxing-sim, but it fails to be a really good one - don't
ask me why, it's not the graphics, they're pretty good. And the fighting
itself isn't bad either. You can even start a career with a boxer of your
name. But - well - it just lacks the charme of let's say 4D Sports
Boxing. You can train your boxer as well and you even got some more
attributes to care about here, but you don't really live with your boxer.
You don't get the feeling of building up a character. It's a nice game to
kill of some aggressions, but if you want a serious boxing-sim, you
should maybe have a look at the other one.

Review 3:

3D World Boxing is an average boxing game that looks better than it
plays. Choosing from dozens of boxers available, you can either play a
single match or an entire championship. The graphics are definitely the
highlight of this game. Each fight is introduced with great fanfare by a
well-animated announcer (and the obligatory scantily clad females), and
both boxers' moves are reasonably realistic. I like the fact that boxers
are quite large on the screen - this makes it much easier to see whether
the punches connect with their targets or not. Unfortunately, the
gameplay is very simplistic - you can only press ENTER to punch, with no
way of changing the weight of your punch, let alone a choice of hook,
jab, etc. This makes the game a very repetitive affair of moving close to
the opponent, press ENTER a few times, then move out. Although you can
choose from many boxers, they all look very similar on screen, and there
is no in-depth statistics to tell them apart. In short, this is an
average game that boxing fans can safely miss, although it may entertain
them for the first few bouts. Review 4: 3D World Boxing is an ok looking
boxing game. I couldn't figure out all the controls and I only learnt how
to throw one punch using the enter key. You can play a one off match or
compete in a championship, there is also an option for training etc. to
build up your character. The graphics are ok and there is the feature of
choosing what language you want to play it in. It has been cracked so
there is no need to play around with the security at the start. Works
fine in Win 98 but it would of been better with some instructions. Review
5: An exciting box game. Very good graphics and nice betweentro's or how
do you call intro's between events? Good thing about the game is that
almost your entire screen is the box-ring.

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