4d Boxing

Copyright: © 1991 Mindscape Inc
Genre: Sports

4D Boxing
Review 1:
This game was made in 1991 but not a single boxing game has ever even
come close to it's perfection and entertaining gameplay!. 4D Boxing is
probably the best boxing game ever made and one of the best sports games
in general! You will start of as a rookie boxer with a great future.
Player creation is quiet easy - give him a name, set some minor things
such as height, weight (this determines the category of your boxer), the
hand he uses the most (right or left), colors of his shirt and shorts and
things like that. After the boxer is created he will be placed on the
last, 51st place on the ranking list. You will get an option to fight 3
fighters that are in front of you and start your career. Before each
match you will get some training and raise your stats until you become
strong enough and ranked enough to challenge the Champ himself. After you
beat him the game is complete and you win. This might sound easy but it
isn't. I played this game for ages over and over again and never could
beat the ace. I finally made it after some time but it took me a lot of
training and hard work to achieve that. Even after I completed the game I
still played it since it really is fantastic. The graphics in the game
are something special. The view is isometric, and everything is drawn in
polygons. You can view the game from a normal third person view, from the
first person view, lined third person view and even through the eyes of
your opponent! Something that I've never seen before or after this game.
4D Boxing is the game that will keep you glued to your chair for a long
time. It is very entertaining and you will always come back asking for
more. You just have to play this one! Note: Be careful - after about 40
matches, your fighter starts getting old. You must be fast!

Review 2:

I know - this one looks weird at first - fighting polygons... Yeah, but
it's the best boxing-sim I ever played. The controls are very good, the
strengths of your boxer show effect. It's important to train him (or her)
right. The various computer-played opponents act different. The
motivation is high to play on and on. I played the whole career of my
boxer on one day, I fought almost 50 fights and brought him up to Rank 7
- he got too old then and so his career was over. He was almost
unbeatable - perfect in all attributes. Too sad that he never got the
chance to fight against the champion... Well, there will be a next
career. The game is highly configurable and you can even fight in 1st
person-view. A great game where you can see the effort of the programmers
to build in as much realistic elements as possible while providing a
maximum of fun. I just discovered this game, but I am sure it will stay
on my harddisk for years.

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