688 Attack Sub

Copyright: © 1989 Electronic Arts Inc
Genre: Simulations


688 Attack Sub
Review 1:
688 Attack Sub is a classic modern submarine simulation which puts you in
command of either the American Los Angeles or the Soviet Alfa class
nuclear-powered submarines. Most of the systems you would expect such as
sonar and periscope are featured and nicely presented in VGA. The game
offers ten missions for both the Soviet and American side in a Cold War
scenario, that grows progressively hotter. Nice to see that the two
sides' submarines have their own graphic sets in the game, even with some
pseudo-cyrillic labels on the Russian side. Overall, 688 Attack Sub is an
interesting early subsim and certainly a classic in the genre-- arguably
the best subsim for PC until Dynamix' Aces of The Deep years later.
Especially the modem-play option was outstanding for its time. Be sure to
download the manual, although the game is well laid-out and can be
controlled completly with the mouse. Note: This is the full game and not
the cut-down "Maxell" version found on some abandonware sites.

Review 2:

I can remember playing this game many years ago on the SEGA Megadrive
(Genesis machine). I can't say i'm really a big fan of sub games or
simulations in general but I found 688 attack sub to be a very playable
and enjoyable game. The plot is simple fare, you are the captain of
either an American or Soviet sub and must play through a series of
increasingly difficult missions. Graphics-wise the game was quite good
for it's time, some of the fractal effects especialy were impressive.
Those who like to tplay things at a slow, tactical pace will especialy
like the game, and with many ways to complete each mission it's likely
that you will through the game again when you finish it. Overall an
enjoyable game, although maybe not one that will appeal to everyone.

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