A Train

Copyright: © 1992 Maxis Software Inc
Genre: Strategy games

Strategy games

Review 1:
Ah... just another Railroad-Tycoon-clone - seen that a hundred times
before. Ha! So you might think at first sight. Then you start playing it
like Railroad Tycoon and the game laughs into your face - you just don't
get anywhere! You know what? This is a hard business-sim, you need to
care about the stock-market, real estate and all of those dumb dumb
things. You scratch your head now looking at the rating above and compare
it to the things I wrote? Maybe you already want to stop reading and go
searching for a more enjoyable game - STOP! You come to the right place
here. I have never seen a game that combines the hard sides of a
realistic business-sim with the enjoyable sides of seeing your business
as well as the surrounding area grow. The game got a nice touch of Sim
City, but you need to work for it - no automatic switches! This isn't
Railroad Tycoon where you lay the track and the trains search their way
through. It's hard to describe the fascination of A-Train. This game
comes slowly, it demands something from the gamer, but it gives back a
lot. The atmosphere is much better as in - sorry, I need to compare again
- Railroad Tycoon. It's more realistic than Sim City. It's simply a
serious, addicting and enjoying game that would have deserved more
attention than it got.

Review 2:

One of the very few Maxis games that didn't become a smash hit, A-Train a
great conversion of Railroad Empire, Japan's classic game of railroad
empire building. Although similar in concept to Railroad Tycoon, the
difference here is that this is a *much* more business-oriented sim:
financial success demands that you undertake property development, invest
in the stock market, etc. -- hence the steep learning curve. Graphical
presentation of passing time is a nice touch, as is the easter eggs--
watch the sky on Christmas eve!

Review 3:

A kind of transport tycoon game with only trains, in which you can lay
tracks across a terrain. Along the track you can build hotels, amusement
parks, etc. Goal of the game is to get lots of money to expand your

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