Abrams Battle Tank

Copyright: © 1988 Electronic Arts Inc
Genre: Simulations


Abrams battle Tank
Review 1:
Probably the best tank simulation game made in the eighities by Dynamix.
You, as a pilot of US Abrams Battle tank, have to complete various
missions and, of course, try to stay alive. The game features average
graphics and weak sound, but is very enjoyable to play. If you get sick
of Microprose's sims (how could you???), this might be a great relaxation.

Review 2:

One of the first 3D tank simulator also remains to this day one of the
finest. Designer Damon Slye created a game that offers both realism and
great gameplay without sacrificing the fun factor. Control modern U.S.
tank Abrams in various missions ranging from bombardment to escort. A
great game that stands the test of time, and bodes well for Slye's later
Aces series.

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