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Genre: Arcade action

Arcade action

Review 1:
"You are Nick Vrenna. It is the year 2009. You have been falsely
incarcerated inside a high security underground prison where illegal
genetic experiments are taking place. Alan Blake, the head research
scientist, has isolated the specific gene which causes violence and
aggression in humans. This genetic sequence, called 'Abuse', is highly
infectious, causing horrific transformations and grotesque side-effects.
You are the only person to show immunity to it." Abuse changed the
platform games forever. It's unique player control and mouse aiming makes
this game a true masterpiece filled with action. It really does feature
some things never seen before. That mouse aiming while running through
the hallways gives you a vital advantage over your enemies. The game is
taking place inside the "prison" facility in which the mentioned
experiments were taking place. Your goal is pretty simple - escape. On
your way out of the complex you will have to fight with highly mutated
humans who look like Aliens (from the movie with the same name and
Sigourney Weaver in the main role) and are very dangerous. Good thing
that you're pretty well armed as well and on your way out you will find
even better weapons. Abuse's interface might surprise you in the
beginning but once you get accustomed it will not be too hard. This game
is highly recommended to everyone, both action game players and the ones
that prefer adventures. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

Review 2:

Abuse is a slick arcade platform, released in 1995. The graphics are
reasonably good, but the gameplay is what makes this the popular game it
was, when it was realeased. Battling your way through a futuristic
complex, filled with aliens and robotic enemies, your task is to
penetrate the core, destroying anything which lies in your path. You can
collect powerups which increase your armor and weaponry, such as rockets,
lasers and grenades. All in all, quite a fun and nicely written game all
though you can find many similar games of higher quality.

Review 3:

A masterpiece! Basically just a sidescrolling platform shooter - but it's
technically very advanced (for 95) - this shows where the genre would
have gone if it would not have been eradicated by the flood of 3D
shooters. Controlling a Turricanlike one-man-army you destroy anything
that stands in your way while you proceed further into this futuristic
building filled to the brim with aliens, robots and automatic laser guns.
The story isn't anything new, the graphics are great though and the
controls... yes, the controls are great! With the keyboard you control
the movement of your hero while you use the mouse to shoot and select
weapons. This allows running into one direction while shooting at the
monsters that are chasing you - brilliant! It might take a while to get
used to using your left hand for the movement, but after a surprisingly
short time I didn't even notice anymore. If you liked Turrican you will
love this one. It's the next step in the evolution of a now dead genre.
Review 4: Undoubtedly the DOOM of platform games, the only thing that's
different between this underrated gem and that highly regarded classic is
the Abuse's lack of first-person perspective. Despite a cliche plot
(kill-all-aliens), everything else is spectacular: smooth animations,
cool weapons and enemies, some thoughtful puzzles beyond flip-the-switch
types, and the superbly *dark* atmosphere. It even includes a
full-featured level editor/creator that allows you to set even custom AI
of the monsters and how objects behave. A must-have! Review 5: Here I go,
this is one of my all time favourites, the game that is the abandonware's
answer to the current day 'alien vs. predator'. This action packed game
is something from the future, stuck in the past; what I mean from this is
that it was made back in 1995, but feels like something that shouldn't
have been made until a few years later. The graphics are crisp clear,
with great sound effects, and perfect game play. If I had to go to space
tomorrow and could only take 10 games with me, this would defiantly be
one of them! Its the kind of game in which if you don't have a graphics
card or perfectly modern sound card, you can still sit back and play
without trouble. Abuse is famously quoted as "a side scroller with a
twist", and thatís exactly what it is. You play an alien fighting
throughout the various levels with a nice selection of guns at your
dispense. Your aim is to, like many other games reach the end of each
stage - alive, whilst battling various aliens and everything else
non-human. Although Abuse is listed as an action game, which it is, it is
also a platform game, and a great one at that. The key features which
make this game awesome and the reason I say its ahead of its time is
because it has the Max Payne/Unreal Tournament feature of playing with
the mouse. Yep, you can use the keyboard and mouse simultaneously, both
to move and to aim and fire. This game is a MUST if you are into
action-packed game play!

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