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Genre: Strategy games

Strategy games

Accordion is a fun multi-level solitaire card game on one of SoftDisk's
"Big Blue Disk" installment. The game is uniquely challenging yet easy to
learn. More description from the game: "In each level, varying numbers of
cards are dealt on the screen in rows from left to right. A card (and the
stack of cards beneath it) may be moved onto the first or second
card-stacks to its left whenever it matches either of these cards in suit
or rank. The aim of the game is to reduce all the rows of cards into one
pile by repeatedly moving stacks of cards onto neighboring stacks. Each
time a move is made, another card from the deck is turned up until it is
empty. After making each move, be sure to check for additional possible
moves. Remembering not to lock yourself out of a suit seems to be the
best strategy to use in playing Accordion. You won't tend to paint
yourself into a corner if you will not watch the cards to the right as
you move cards to the left. Getting down to less than ten cards is fairly
easy. However, at that point a single card can keep you from winning
because it is the only card of that suit remaining, and no card of the
same rank exists to play it on."

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