Aces Of The Deep

Copyright: © 1994 Sierra Online
Genre: Simulations

Aces of The Deep
Following classic Aces over Europe, Dynamix moved from the heights above
the ground into the depths of the ocean. Aces of the Deep is WWII U-boat
simulation, putting you into the command of a German submarine. As with
all other games in the Aces series, the game has been created with a lot
of attention to historical detail. Offers you the choice of a challenging
long-lasting career mode or short single and historical missions.
Technically the game is excellent and able to create the atmosphere you
would expect from such a simulation with good sound effects and great
graphics, especially the wobbling sea-motion. Overall, Aces of The Deep
is another classy Aces sim that requires a fair amount of strategic
thinking while successfully capturing the feel of the era. Great fun!
BTW: You can still find your patrol area without the map. On the global
chart, when you plot your course, the IDs are shown at the bottom of the
screen. So with a little searching you can find your patrol area. This is
the floppy-disk DOS version. There also was an updated Windows version
released on CD-ROM in 1995 called Command Aces of the Deep, which you can
download from this site.

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