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Genre: Arcade action

Arcade action

One of the most interesting games ever made, IBM's archaic 1982 game
Attack would go down in history as just another mundane, primitive
Paratrooper clone, if not for the fact that it could very well be the
first game about corporate warfare. As the in-game instructions make
clear: "your mission is to destroy the Apple Computer manufacturing
plant. You are alloted 35 bombs and 60 lasers. There are Apple-owned
fighters trying to stop you, you must destroy them with your lasers. If
you get hit by them then you are destroyed. If you go out of the
atmosphere (the blue line), then you loose [sic] all control except laser
and bombs, and your ship will begin falling. Drop bombs on all structures
and you will get points. The Apple Plant is worth the most points. If
your score is high enough after round one then you are ready to face
round two." There you have it: a proof of IBM's attitude towards Apple
that could be admitted as courtroom evidence ;) Gameplay is very
primitive-- the game was written in BASIC, and the only "graphics" in the
game are moving ASCII characters that represent the Plant, planes, etc.
Not much fun to play at all. Attack deserves a place here more as an
interesting display of well-publicized friction between Apple and IBM,
but that reason should be enough for historical buffs to try it out :)

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