Av8b Harrier Assault

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Genre: Simulations


AV8B Harrier Assault
AV8B Harrier is another simulator using Simis' popular graphic engine.
The sim is similar to KA-50 Hokum in gameplay. You have at your disposal
some Harriers and with the excellent mission map/planner you can plan
your missions and then execute them. The sim puts you in a conflict in
East Timor, a former Portuguese colony. The area was annexed (some will
say "integrated") into Indonesian territory in 1976. It proved to be a
painful thorn in the flesh for the Indonesian government as the province
had been restless ever since the Portuguese left in 1975. Even after the
recent referendum, in which the residents of the province voted to go
separate ways with Indonesia, it is not yet free of troubles. In the
conflict portrayed in this sim, you'll be flying against Indonesian Air
Force aircraft, which include A-4 Skyhawks and F-16 Fighting Falcons. A
very unlikely scenario today in light of the current developments in
Indonesia, but very valid during early 90's. The sim itself portrays the
AV-8B Harrier quite convincingly, considering the technological limits of
those days. The graphics is very good and the mission planner is quite
powerful. The campaign is not in the same level as the one in Falcon 3.0,
but is very good nevertheless. In summary, AV8B Harrier is a worthy game
to pick up. The timing is almost perfect, too. Today many people start to
gain interest (again) in the Harrier but in light of the bleak future of
the flight sim as a genre, there is little hope that someone will release
a Harrier sim. So, this game might be able to give some interesting
diversion for Harrier fans. Just remember to use Moslo and run the game
in full DOS mode (I could not run it properly otherwise). Furthermore,
recent development in East Timor (or Timor Lorosae, as it is now called)
should give some needed atmosphere. Remember, though, that the choice of
operation area was a controversy back then, and even now some people may
still find this game a bit controversial. Note: If you like the game,
also check out Super-VGA Harrier, a great updated version of this sim.

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