Copyright: © 1988 Psygnosis
Genre: Arcade action

Arcade action

A decent conversion of a little-known Commodore 64 game, Baal is a fun
side-scrolling shooter with a banal plot: you are member of the Time
Warriors, an elite commando unit sent into the alien lairs to defeat
Baal, a crazy demon who is bent on conquering Earth. There is little
innovation in the game, except for the fact, in contrast to most shooters
where picking up a new power-up replaces your existing one, Baal lets you
select different types of cartridges as you find them. You will also have
to worry about refueling your laser gun at the refueling points, which
can be destroyed, so you actually have to look at the target before
shooting. You are equipped with a scanner, which flashes red to tell you
of an approaching aliens. This is a neat idea that's not very useful,
because the levels are mostly linear, so you can only move toward the
right of the screen without going back. Progress is a bit tedious,
because not only will you have to find the transporter to advance to the
next domain (i.e. level), you must also collect a certain number of war
machine components. Overall, Baal as an old game is barely above average,
and there is little surprise or challenge to keep anyone playing to the
end. Definitely one of Psygnosis' more lackluster shooters.

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