Bad Dudes

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Genre: Arcade action

Arcade action

Bad Dudes
Review 1:
Another excellent conversion of a coin-op classic by Quicksilver, Bad
Dudes is a Double Dragon style platform classic which more than makes up
for its lack of variety with a lot of enemies, long levels, and many
special moves. While not as good as Double Dragon due to limited number
of moves and repetitive enemies and levels, the game still packs enough
punch to entertain action fans for hours on end. Not Quicksilver's best,
but not their worst either. Arcade fans will probably have some fun
trying to rescue the Present of the United States in this game (although
he's hardly worth saving).

Review 2:

The president has been kidnapped and you are the one who's going to
rescue him in the final. Move across some nice platform screen fighting
lots of bad dudes. The game is playable with a joystick but a keyboard
works just fine. EGA graphics.

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