Bandit Kings Of Ancient China

Copyright: © 1989 Koei Co Ltd
Genre: Strategy games

Strategy games

Bandit Kings of Ancient China
Review 1:
One of the best Hardcore-Strategy-Games I ever came across. It somehow
reminds me of a Heroes of Might & Magic set in ancient China (of course
it was made before HoMM). You can hire heroes have to keep an eye on your
people, care for your finances. Politics as well as economics combined
with strategy and even some RPG-elements. When I started this game to
have a quick look at it - not expecting too much - I was hooked for some
hours. The simplistic controls are easy to manage and then you try your
best to gain more influence. Very realistic gameplay and a nice story
make this one a high-quality game for all Strategy-Fans.

Review 2:

Close to 600 years after the events chronicled in KOEI's better-known
Romance of The Three Kingdoms,the weak royal court inspired the rise of
legendary bandits who proclaimed themselves kings. This game is best
described as a more difficult RTK, because although the setting and
gameplay remain the same, you start out in exile and must fight many
stronger opponents. Personnel management and resource allocation,
therefore, become much more important here. A good game, if little
differentiated from RTK.

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