Bar Games

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Bar Games
Review 1:
Okay, it's not exactly a sport game, but... where to place it? Arcade?
Not really, so... Bar Games is a fun product that lets you and up to
three of your friends play the typical games of your local bar, such as
Air Hockey, beer orders, water spilling, etc. Those games are quite fun
to play even if you are alone. Nice graphics, weird games, beer and
women. What else does an average bar need?

Review 2:

You compete in some different disciplines that got more or less to do
with bars. Some are quite enjoyable while others are - well... not that
good. I really liked Air-Hockey, you should give that one a try. I guess
this one is best played after one or the other beer.

Review 3:

This is a fun collection of five bar games: Liar's Dice, Wet 'n Wild,
Last Call, Air Hockey, and Pick-up Artist. Includes both single and
tournament play. While some games rely more on reflexes than strategy,
others do require thinking and memory (Liar's Dice and Pick-up Artist, in
particular). This game contains stereotypical comments that some may find
offensive. It's all in the spirit of good fun, though, and you can try
pick-up lines in this game at a real bar for fun .

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