Barbie Super Model

Copyright: © 1996 Hi Tech Expressions
Genre: Educational games

Educational games

Barbie Super Model
Review 1:
Some may be disguisted by the mere existance of this game, but someone's
gotta think about little girls' software! That's exactly what this game
is, a kiddie product featuring the world's best known doll. The game
features a few small games in it in which a player has to dress Barbie,
drive her car around, attend fashion shows and such... If you are 3 years
old + a female you'll love this!

Review 2:

One of the very first games designed for young girls, Barbie Super Model
is a fun game starring the world's most recognizable doll. The objective
is simple: help Barbie become the world's best model. The game is
essentially a collection of action games, none of which is particularly
innovative, but all appealing to young girls. There are two main action
sequenes: getting Barbie from her house to various places in a car, and
helping her post on a catwalk. When Barbie is on the road, the sequence
is strikingly similar to Disney's earlier Who Framed Roger Rabbit?,
including familiar roadblocks, other cars, and other obstacles. When
Barbie gets to the studio, your job is to help her perform on a catwalk.
This is a simple memory game: in Barbie's dressing room, you will first
be shown a sequence of where she should walk on a real catwalk. You can
practice for as long as you want to memorize the sequence, then it's time
to choose a dress for Barbie and face the spotlights. The game is
definitely not groundbreaking, although it does an admirable job of
keeping girls interested. Hi-Tech Expressions could definitely have
leveraged the brand a lot more (e.g. including Barbie's actual doll
apparel in her wardrobe), but as it stands, it's not bad. Girls will
likely enjoy the "side" features, e.g. choosing clothes for Barbie, more
than the actual game.

Review 3:

Well, as a guy i'm not sure what to say...I heard there are some smaller
games in this game. Dress up dolls, and drive with barbie's car?!

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