Bargon Attack

Copyright: © 1992 Coktel Vision
Genre: Adventure

Bargon Attack
In one of Coktel Vision's lesser known adventure game, you are tasked
with liberating the earth from captivity under the eccentric alien race
Bargon. The game was evidently inspired by "B" science fiction series
(Dr. Who comes to mind), as it has a lot of cheesy jokes and weird aliens
in Latex. Coktel's unique brand of wacky humor permeates throughout, but
the puzzles are fair (and some even creative) compared to most other
Coktel games, and the plot is captivating in a strangely appealing way to
the end. Bargon Attack is a fun, campy adventure that would probably
appeal to Coktel fans more than anyone else. The game's
longer-than-average length and some hunt-the-pixel puzzles also makes for
many hair-pulling sessions where you desparately try every inventory
object with everything on the screen.

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