Birds Of Prey

Copyright: © 1991 Electronic Arts Inc
Genre: Simulations

Birds of Prey
Birds of Prey is a fairly complex combat flight simulator by Argonaut
Software, featuring a lot of different planes and missions. The Amiga
version contained a breathtaking intro that is sadly completely missing
in the PC version of the game. The PC conversion was done by Chris Sawyer
of Transport Tycoon fame. Here's a more in-depth look at the game from a
review at Amiga Games Database: "What [Birds of Prey] did involve was
just about every jet the US and USSR had at the time, with C130 Hercules
transports and the X rockets the US used to run supersonic tests on.
Surprisingly, although perhaps not given their involvement with Armour
Geddon, this was a Psygnosis effort. Birds of Prey was definitely one for
the aircraft fancier. You could pick a mission to suit and get into the
cockpit of just about anything going, for either side. Handling was
appropriate in pretty much all cases and the 3D engine suitably slick.
You could mount attacks on ships, factories, and tank batallions. You
could drop supplies from your Hercules, or strafe an area with the A-10's
big gun. This was also the first Sim I'd encountered in which you could
actually refuel in mid air. Unfortunately there was a price to pay for
having all these planes and the touches like mid-air refuels. And that
price was the map. Or the lack of it. No Middle East scenarios, no
European scenarios, just the one map, with the good guy side and the bad
guy side, and that was it. So although you did have quite a few toys to
play with, the sand box wasn't very big or varied. Which is a pity,
because otherwise Birds of Prey was a very competent Sim. It just wasn't
one I'd recommend to, for example, ThunderHawk fans who were used to
evolving storylines and varied terrain types." Still a Top Dog,
regardless :) Note: The answer for the copy-protection question is shown
on-screen in brackets.

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