Bob Winner

Copyright: © 1986 Loriciel
Genre: Arcade action

Arcade action

Bob Winner
Bob Winner is an early action game with some adventure elements by
Loriciel, set in the US' wild, wild West. Bob Winner is on a quest to
find a lost civilisation, and has to collect three keys which are being
held by three opponents that he meets on his journey - two boxers and a
gun-wielding cowboy. To fight them, Bob has to find the right object.
There are only about twenty screens, but they all feature stupendous
digitised backgrounds. Back in 1986, the game was best known for its
beautiful background graphics on the 16-bit home computers (if I remember
right?). The PC conversion is lacking a bit there with its 4 colour art,
overall comparable to the Amstrad CPC version. But then for CGA standards
the backgrounds still look very nice. The game itself is a fun little
game for a while, not much more.

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