Bubble Bobble

Copyright: © 1990 Taito Corporation
Genre: Arcade action

Arcade action

Bubble Bobble
Review 1:
Bubble Bobble. Is there anyone that has never heard of those two cute
little dinosaurs? Well, if You haven't - be ashamed! Those two little
guys are responsible for many divorces, unhappy parents, bad grades in
school, Persian gulf war (heh, just kidding)... One of the most famous
platforms ever. Jump, run, make bubbles and trap those filthy beasts
before You destroy them...on 100 levels!

Review 2:

One of the true classics. Bubble Bobble has gone from success to success
on various computer system including the Amiga, Commodore 64 and regular
arcade play machines and now in the regular PC's with this version from
Novalogic. Like seen in the other versions of the game you control a
little dinosaur character and you have to collect different fruit and
other things while you are capturing ghosts and other monsters with your
bubbles. Once they are captured you have to blow the bubbles and when you
have captured all monsters you have completed the level. It does sound
simple and so it is. That is also why the game has gotten so popular as
it has in my opinion. The gameplay might not be complicated by you sure
as hell get addicted to the game. While you play you may think that you
just have to complete a few more levels but then you notice that you are
still playing 1 hour later. You can also play the game as two players and
the second player can enter the game at anytime - even at the last level
if you think that could be funny. The game will get a bit easier when you
are two players since you will be on the same team unlike many other
games. But playing together instead of against each was more popular in
the 80's so that is most likely the reason with Bubble Bobble. When you
play you can also collect other things such as items that makes you move
faster (with this you can complete pretty much any level without problems
as long as you have played the game for a while) and also an item so you
can blow bubbles faster and longer. This can be quite effective if you
just stand at a quite safe place. Bubble Bobble is one great game and
unless you only have a very specific game taste you can also use a little
time on a game like Bubble Bobble because it requires so little attention
to begin with. Both the graphics and sound are not as impressive since
it's simply converted to the PC system with EGA graphics. If it had been
VGA it would have been really great. But the great gameplay is still in
this PC version so don't hesitate to play this game.

Review 3:

One of the most popular arcade games ever made, Taito's Bubble Bobble
tells a story of Bub and Bob, two friends who are changed into bubble
dragons, and must save their girlfriends from a super baddie named Hyper
Drunk. Gameplay, like all good arcade games, is easy to learn: you (and
your friend in a 2-player game) blow bubbles to capture baddies, then
quickly pop them. When the bubbles are popped, fruit comes out for you to
collect (and compete against your friend for points). The game is very
simple in concept, but incredibly addictive due to spotless controls,
quirky levels, bosses, and monsters, and overall fun. I remember playing
this games for hours, thinking "just one more level before I go to bed"
-- and next thing I know, it's wee hours of the next day. This PC version
done by NovaLogic is an excellent conversion of the original, although of
course the graphics are reduced to EGA only. With a truly classic design,
it's no wonder that Bubble Bobble is alive and well: there have been many
sequels and spin-offs, although none for the PC except for the excellent
1996 remake, also on this site. A must-have! Review 4: Bubble Bobble is
about Bub and Bob, two adorable little bubble dragons/dinosaurs. Of
course they werenít always bubble dragonsaurs, they were turned that way
by naughty wizards. Bub and Bobís girlfriends have been taken, and in
this game they must rescue them from the baddie, who is called Hyper
Drunk (yes, strange I know). In order to do this, they have to travel
through 100 levels to the underground. Each level has enemies, and the
trick is to trap them in the bubbles. When you get them trapped in the
bubble the bubbles float up, then you run and pop the bubbles. When the
bubbles are popped out comes fruit and other assorted items which you
collect in order to increase your score. This isnít the entire game
though, as when you get up to the higher levels, the enemies get faster
and smarter, and also increase in numbers. There are bonuses to collect,
that can increase your bubble shooting speed etc, and also letters. If
you spell certain words you can gain an extra life etc. Bubble Bobble had
great graphics. Totally cute! Bub and Bob are cute little dragonsaurs,
and even the enemies are cute. Itís a cool looking game, very appealing
to the eye. Bubble Bobble certainly has that olí arcade charm. The Bubble
Bobble tune can get on your nerves, as itís the same tune throughout the
game. But, if you love the tune like I do, then you shouldnít have any

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