Cannon Fodder 2

Copyright: © 1994 Avalon Interactive
Genre: Arcade action

Arcade action

Cannon Fodder 2
Review 1:
The regular visitors among you may know that I am not the biggest
Action-Fan or even like military games. So what did this game do to
deserve the highest rating? First of all it combines some strategic
aspects and you control your little squad with the mouse. While having a
simple concept the game evolves as you progress. The missions get more
complex, starting with simple "kill all enemies" over to destroying
buildings, activating switches etc. - your little soldiers got different
names and ranks. Those you lose are mentioned at the end of each mission.
The graphics are pretty nice and the best of all - the sound! Great music
and good soundeffects just add their part to the atmosphere of this game.
While being a military sim that surely IS about killing them the humor is
always present. Have a look at the names of the missions and you know
what I mean. The game is really enjoyable and never gets boring. While
the first missions are easy to solve with just standing there and
shooting everything in range you will soon find out you got to run around
or otherwise you will be a good target for the bazookas of your enemies.
Of course this offers the strategy to let the enemy rockets destroy the
buildings for you - just be sure to run away in time. You also need to be
careful not to shoot on those little boxes - you will need the
handgrenades inside and even if you decide to use that explosion to kill
some enemies be careful not to be too close. To say it in some words: An
intelligent action game with a good sense of humor.

Review 2:

Definitely one of the best-loved old games of all time :) This charming
little game puts you in command of a 3-soldier squad in a variety of
missions. The standard shoot-everything-in-sight formula is enhanced by a
wonderfully interactive environment: hop into a jeep and crush your
enemies underfoot, pick up and throw bombs, and many more secrets I'll
let you find out ;) The little guys advance in rank, so treat them well!

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