Cannon Fodder

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Genre: Arcade action

Arcade action

Cannon Fodder
Review 1:
Probably the first violent action game in gaming history to succeed at
depicting violence in cutesy cartoon feel, Cannon Fodder is a great game
from Sensible Software, makers of Sensible Soccer games. Similar to their
soccer cousin, Cannon Fodder features cute little soldiers, an infinite
amount of ammunition, a fine selection of bazookas and grenades, and
unlimited fun and mayhem. Armed only to the teeth, your job is to take on
the enemy in a vast selection of missions. Things start off easy - on the
first mission you can just charge round the corner with all guns blazing,
and shoot the little enemy soldiers around the screen to your heart's
content (the manual does point out that if you keep on shooting them they
jump around like bunnies). But soon the missions become more complex -
you end up having to destroy enemy bases, rescue hostages and even
(horror of horrors) protect innocent civilians. Controlling your little
men is easy enough - click on where they want to go with the left button,
on what they want to shoot with the right button, and with what they want
to blow up by means of excessive force with both buttons. So you have no
excuse at all when the eight enemy soldiers surrounding you at the
beginning of one of the missions blow you into small bloody pieces with
bazookas. A couple of phases seem pretty much impossible, and they come
near enough to the beginning of the game to spoil your enjoyment. After
learning the various survival skills such as splitting up your soldiers,
using grenades and bazookas at the right ranges and dodging incoming
bazookas you find it more than a little annoying to be inable to get any
further. Still, you'll have so much fun that you'll just grit your teeth,
curse the designers, and move on. One of the most enjoyable features of
this game is being able to get into vehicles, ranging from simple jeeps
and skidooz to helicopters with guided missiles or some truly devastating
ground gun bases. High powered slaughter without fear of reprisals. And
when you start getting into tanks, well... can we say "squish"? ;) For
anyone who likes action with a bit of strategy thrown in with a dash of
humor, Cannon Fodder is simply a must-have. It's fun, it's addictive, and
you'll be amazed at how attached to your troopers (e.g. Joop) you will

Review 2:

This is one very good funny war game! You and your little troops are have
to do different kinds of missions in which you can grow from soldier to
general of higher. Go with your troops, kill the enemies, destroy their
buildings, etc, etc. The game is played from a topdown view, so you can
see the battlefield you walk on. The music and graphics are very very
good! Worth a download!

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