Captain Dynamo

Copyright: © 1992 Codemasters
Genre: Arcade action

Arcade action

Captain Dynamo
Review 1:
Captain Dynamo is a solid entry in Codemasters' string of excellent
cartoon platformers. As chubby, smiley Captain Dynamo, your goal is to
rescue your girl's diamonds from a loony old villain. The game is a
vertically-scrolling affair set over twelve levels. There are about fifty
diamonds on each one, but thankfully you don't have to collect them all--
all you have to do is survive long enough to reach the end of the level,
where a fizzing transporter is waiting to zap you into the next cavern.
Although it sounds like nothing new, as usual Codemasters have enough
tricks up their sleeves to make the game much more than a simple arcade
game. The game requires skill, timing, and a good sense of balance. This
is because although you can jump from one platform to the next, some of
them are impossible to reach unless you use the "booster pads," which are
scattered around each level. Since you usually will land on spike traps
(which get you killed right away), this makes the game quite tricky.
Worst, you get only three lives and no credits, so basically you must
finish the game in one go-- not an easy thing to do even for the most
experienced gamer. With the number of traps and baddies pitted against
you, getting beyond Level Three is a real challenge. Still, leaping
around the platforms and dodging the bad guys is a lot of fun and
addictive. Also, the one really nice feature is that you can collect the
"restart points" (placed randomly on levels) to choose where to reappear
when you get killed. Codemasters fans won't be disappointed with Captain
Dynamo, although it would appeal to a lot mroe gamers had the difficulty
been turned down a notch.

Review 2:

Super platform game where you play Captain Dynamo. The game consist of
different levels which become more difficult. Along the way you collect
gems and other stuff for points. The dude Dynamo look really cool; sort
like an antihero with a good cartoonish figure. When you jump, he puts
one arm in the air just like superman, but very goofish.

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