Castle Adventure

Copyright: © 1985 Kevin Bale
Genre: Adventure

Castle Adventure
Review 1:
A nice little Roguelike game. Unlike most games of that type it doesn't
go into the RPG direction, but more towards a classical text adventure.
Calling the parser anything but poor would simply be wrong. However since
the game does not primarily focus on the typing of commands it works very
well. The story is simple - you're locked in a castle and have to find a
way out while collecting as much treasure as possible. There are some
puzzles to be solved to get what you want - like you got to find a cross
and show it to the vampire that blocks your way. All in all it's pretty
simple, but still a nice piece of nostalgic gaming every fan of this
genre will enjoy.

Review 2:

One of the most memorable ASCII games of the bygone BSS era, Castle
Adventure is a fun parser-based maze adventure designed by Kevin Bales,
and later released ("stolen" in fact) by Keypunch as part of their Swords
and Sorcery package. Similar to Atari's Adventure and many other early
adventure/RPGs, your objective in the game is to collect all valuables
and complete all tasks. A perfect score is 1,550 points, but it is
possible to finish the game with lower score. Although the game looks
like a very out of date title, with ASCII characters and simplistic
gameplay, Castle Adventure is actually both more memorable and deeper
than most ASCII games. For starter, room descriptions are quite detailed
and well-written. Second, the game is played in real time, which means
monsters will not wait for you to type something before they attack. This
makes fighting appropriately exciting. Lastly, the game is much deeper
than most other maze games because it has puzzles. These require you to
type the right commands into the parser, like in a typical text
adventure, such as "show cross to vampire." Although most puzzles are
obvious, there are some obscure ones that will stump you for some time.
In a nod to RPG genre, you can only carry a limited number of items at
any given time. All in all, Castle Adventure is one of the best examples
of what an all-text, freeware game coded way back in 1985 is capable of.
If you miss the days of BBS, here is something that stands the test of
time. Highly recommended! Note: the download here includes both the
original game, and the subsequent Keypunch re-release (with name changed
to Golden Wombat) that was illegally included in Keypunch's Swords and
Sorcery commercial release without the author's consent.

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