Chessmaster 2100

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Chessmaster 2100
Review 1:
A bit advanced version of Chessmaster 2000. 2100 now supports two player
mode, a lot of new options and better graphics. The game is now presented
in 640x400 resolution and the classic black&white colors. Everything else
is the same. Do I need to explain the rules of chess? Even if I did I
wouldn't do it. I don't have enough time and space anyway, so if you do
not know how to play chess you could still download this great game and
learn it yourself!

Review 2:

A good improvement from Chessmaster 2000 with much improved graphics but
otherwise only smaller enchancements and fixes. The controls can't be
easier as you can move all your pieces simply with the arrow keys and
your return key. You can play the game on time and in many other ways and
you can view the board in either 2D or 3D graphics. There is a great menu
where you can select and deselect several options like sound, change
graphics, game type, game level, side (black or white) and much more. And
then it also has a very funny feature where you can display a screenshot
from an economic program with a single key so your boss won't notice you
are playing chess when he walks by. If you are looking to get a good and
simple chess game without too many annoying features or extra things you
don't need Chessmaster 2100 delivers exactly what you need. A recommended
game if you are just looking for a simple chess game which is easy to

Review 3:

This is an old version of chess master. Of course you still have enough
options like different difficulties, tutorial, save/load a game, change
color, etc. If you like chess and you have an old computer then get this
game now! Review 4: Chessgame, easy controls. This game is actually an
update from Chessmaster 2000 with a higher resolution gameplay and some
other helptools.

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