Crusader No Regret

Copyright: © 1996 Origin
Genre: Arcade action

Arcade action

Crusader: No Regret
Joe Hutsko of GameSpot wrote such an excellent and thorough review of
this excellent game that I'd like to just quote it here verbatim:
"There's no point in opening here with a witty anecdote or high-brow
setup: Crusader: No Regret is simply the best action/adventure game in
its class. A sequel to its equally impressive predecessor, Crusader: No
Remorse, No Regret is a game that is at once gorgeous and gruesome in its
execution and attention to detail. The game's sci-fi storyline picks up
where the original left off: Having destroyed The World Economic
Consortium (W.E.C.)'s Vigilance Platform, you, the Silencer, wind up
aboard a salvage ship en route to the W.E.C.'s moon-based Lunar Mining
Cartel. Once again, it's time for some serious breaking, entering, and
assassinating. While some of the original's 15 levels meandered on
perhaps a bit too long, No Regret cuts the game down to 10 levels that
are more complex and challenging to work your way though (yet which
Origin says should take as long to complete). Everything that was good
about the first game is great in the second. Crusader: No Regret's
top-down, three-quarter perspective graphics run smoother than before,
particularly when things blow up. Like real flames, No Regret's
explosions flare bright and change color, then eventually fade - without
distorting or slowing down whatever other animations are happening on the
screen at the same time. As the returned Silencer, you move more
convincingly - especially while running, which in the original sometimes
felt jerky. Your weapons arsenal has been improved, with several new,
highly evolved firearms and explosives to put to no-good use. Two notable
additions are the "Crystalizer," which freezes your unlucky target into
an ice statue that, when hit with a bullet, bursts into a hundred
twinkling, resonating bits; and the "Broiler," whose microwave pulse
liquefies the flesh of any hapless souls it encounters. Talk about
agonizing deaths. Victims caught aflame take their last failing breaths
and flailing steps with arms a-wheeling, windpipes uttering hoarsely
their unrestrained agony. Without a doubt, Crusader: No Regret's savage
last hurrahs are the most horrific and drawn-out demises ever to unfold
on a computer screen. All of this breathtakingly morbid attention to
detail would be merely gratuitous if the game lacked its own redeeming
value - and values, for as the Silencer, it is your job to overthrow a
government bent on controlling and exploiting its underclass. Clever plot
twists advance the game forward like a suspense film. For instance, one
level finds you hacking into a not-so-secure computer to upload a
virulent code that brings down the level's security system. Video cut
scenes play between levels to update you on what the other side thinks
of, and is doing to contend with, your revolutionary ways (however, the
caliber of acting here barely rises above the daytime soap level).
Settings range from the heavily guarded and staffed laboratories and
staging areas that made up so much of the first game, to new, sumptuously
appointed executive suites occupied by unarmed business-suited men and
women who, the moment you storm in on them, throw up their hands and cry
"Don't shoot." As the Silencer, your hardest rule is take no prisoners,
and these personnel, like their protectors, must be eliminated - quickly,
decisively, and, most important of all, before they can alert others to
your arrival. In the end, what makes Crusader: No Regret a winning a game
is its ability to utterly move you out of your own headspace and into the
Silencer's. For the few hours a day that you let yourself escape into it,
your vocation as the Silencer becomes a high-minded obsession, a fervent
crusade, a battle of wits and reflexes that takes an ample measure of
control to not only command, but also to walk away from, back into your
own life, with no regret."

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