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One of the world's first chess games designed for experts, Cyrus is also
unfortunately one of the least known due to limited distribution. Which
is a shame, because the game not only sports one of the best chess
engines of its time, but also is one of the most playable. The game can
be played from a novel isometric 3D perspective, and you can rotate the
board in any direction. Traditional 2D overhead view is also available,
although it looks very primitive compared to the isometric mode. You can
turn the clock on or off, view analysis mode, examine game, or watch the
computer play itself. The game has 16 (!) difficulty levels, although it
takes such an excruciatingly long time to move in levels above 5 that you
might as well stick with the lower levels, which already present enough
challenge for an average chess player. Overall, Cyrus is an excellent
chess program from a specialized chess software company (now defunct)
that deserves a second chance. Highly recommended!

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