Dark Heart Of Uukrul

Copyright: © 1989 Broderbund Software Inc
Genre: Role playing games

Role playing games

Dark Heart of Uukrul
Arguably one of the best RPGs ever, this game has managed to somehow be
excluded from every single Hall of Fame lists. Dark Heart of Uukrul
rivals the best RPGs out there! Turn-based combat with great (albeit
difficult) puzzles and original spells are only the beginning. Your
mission is to collect all fragments of the evil Uukrul's heart in order
to destroy him. There are many innovations in the game that sadly aren't
well known since the game did poorly in stores. For starter, the
writings, although few and far between, are excellent. You'll
periodically find clues or magical writings by the late sorceress Mara,
which are crucial to solving puzzles and measuring your progress. And
what puzzles there are! To illustrate how original and unique puzzles in
Uukrul are, let me just give one example: in one area, you'll come across
strange riddles on different walls. After looking at the automap and
matching riddle positions to the map, you'll realize that the area is one
giant crossword puzzle, and the riddles are clues to each word in the
puzzle! When I discovered this, I shook my head in amazement at how
ingenious the designers are. Typical dungeon riddles, move over :) The
game also shines in every other respect-- many spells and prayers for
your wizard and cleric to cast, a lot of tough monsters and loot, and
excellent automap and teleporter features. The only disappointment I had
with the game was the fact that character creation was somewhat weak. But
given how difficult the game gets in later stages, perhaps it's all for
the best. Uukrul is a definite must-play for any dungeon master or anyone
remotely interested in the genre.

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