Das Boot

Copyright: © 1990 Three Sixty Pacific
Genre: Simulations


Das Boot
Review 1:
One of the World War II simulations, Das Boot puts you into the German
submarine, year 1941, with your mission to find and sink Allied ships on
the sight. For those of you with patriotic DNA in them, think of it as of
playing Kyrandia 3, or Tie Fighter game. The graphics are strong for year
1992, although game falls slightly short to reach top simulators,
sometimes reminding more of arcade title and thus creating a merge
between them.

Review 2:

A quirky action-oriented sub simulation that's disappointing given
Three-Sixty's expertise in realistic wargames and reputation established
with Harpoon. Although Three-Sixty obviously tries to imbue the game with
realism, the game comes across as an arcade/wargame hybrid that can't
decide which kind of game it wants to be. Bright VGA graphics and lots of
gameplay options, including some inventive scenarios, help elevate the
game somewhat.

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