David Wolf Secret Agent

Copyright: © 1989 Dynamix
Genre: Arcade action

Arcade action

David Wolf: Secret Agent
Review 1:
You play an undercover cop, going by the name of Wolf, David Wolf. The
enemy force are trying to take out the White House in Washington D.C. and
Wolf " O'Neal (his assosciate) are the only people that can stop him it
seems. The head of the enemy organisation is Vasto, and the men who work
for him are Boor and Stock. This is a game full of action and has
challenges such as car chases, parachute drops, stealth jet fighting, and
much more. A great game in my opinion and should be downloaded by

Review 2:

This early Dynamix game is a "cinematic" adventure reminiscent of
Cinemaware games of yore, starring you as secret agent David Wolf.
Gameplay borrows heavily from classic James Bond movies, but are well
implemented thanks to designer Damon Slye's outstanding wireframe 3D
programming (Slye would go on to greater fame as designer of blockbuster
Aces flight sim series). Adrenaline quotient is kept high as you battle
baddies and engage in daredevil dogfights. The action never lets down,
and the action sequences get more and more difficult, making this a game
for joystick experts only. The badly scripted plot and dialogues and poor
cutscenes fall far short of Cinemaware's "interactive movies," and
disqualify it as an "adventure." Nevertheless, enjoyable arcade sequences
that are quite advanced for their time puts this game above average.

Review 3:

You'll probably know all of the James Bond movies, well, imagine some guy
called David Wolf who does the exact same job, but this time it's for the
American government. You can play that guy in this game! In this game you
have to stop the plans of a bad guy called Vasto by a few different
action scenes. You will have to paraglide while shooting other paraglider
attack things, drive a car around some road while you're being shot at,
jumping out of a plane trying to get something out of the air and flying
an airplane. If you don't succeed in your missions, the White House in
Washington DC will be blown to pieces and although I don't think that
would be such a bad idea, it's advisible to do your best on this game for
2 reasons. The first is that it wouldn't really be in the spirit of this
game and without a little bit of empathy, you're not really much of a
gamer. The second might be a little bit hard for the die-hard gamer to
understand (especially the online MMORPG addict), it's because IT'S NOT
REAL! At first this looked to me as a cheap ripoff from the well known
James Bond, but when playing it, I got a little bit of sympathy for this
one and although I'm not really advising you to download it, you could
give it a try!

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