Dawn Raiders

Copyright: © 1991 Softstar
Genre: Arcade action

Arcade action

Dawn Raiders
An okay top-down shooter from prolific Taiwanese developer SoftStar, Dawn
Raiders takes place in a futuristic world where the Earth is rife with
civil wars that broke out among warring clans. The game won't dislodge
Tyrian or even Silpheed from their lofty pillars of classic games in the
genre, but it does offer a few hours of good ol' shooting fun where
blasting everyting in sight is the only thing you need to know about. The
enemies are fairly typical and somewhat boring-- you'll meet fighter
planes, ground defense, and all manners of nasty planes that shoot homing
missiles. The end-level bosses, though, are much more creative and very
difficult to destroy. Overall, Dawn Raiders may not knock anyone's socks
off, but it is worth a few hours if you want to relieve some stress from
the last few levels of Silpheed.

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