Copyright: © 1980 Williams - Atari
Genre: Arcade action

Arcade action

Defender is Atari's excellent PC port of Williams' arcade hit - one of
the most successful of all time designed by legendary Eugene Jarvis. Your
mission, as captain of the "Defender" ship, is to protect the humanoids
stranded on the planet from their alien abductors. The scanner will help
you determine a strategy to shoot down the alien ships before they reach
the humanoids. If you destroy the aliens after they have captured their
prey, you must return the humanoids to the safety of the planet or they
will fall to their death. If an alien carries its victim out of your
range, the humanoid will mutate, join the alien force, and take to
assault with deadly vengeance. Like the arcade version, the beauty of
Defender PC is that challenge becomes ever more intense the more you
play. You'll come across new, tougher enemies such as bombers, mines, and
the cosmic "Baiter." The range of power-ups is also innovative for their
time: you have a limited "smart bomb" power, and "hyperspace" puts you
into an unknown space warp. Defender is truly one of the timeless
classics that is no less fun no matter how many times you have played it.
A must-have. If you like this game, also check out the less-known sequel
called Stargate on this site.

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