Defender Of The Crown

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Defender of the Crown
Review 1:
One of the most famous games ever made. I don't think that there's a
serious gameplayer that never heard about DOTC. The story is simple -
English king was killed, and 6 lords, both Norman and Saxon, are fighting
for the crown. Choose one of them and conquer others with the help of
Robin Hood! The game includes sieges, ground battles... True masterpiece
by Cinemaware.

Review 2:

One of the greatest and most popular games, which has also managed to be
popular on several different game platforms including the Commodore 64,
Amiga and PC. You start the game by selecting from a group of different
powerful people living in Great Britain. You then have to conquer all the
enemies' lands as well as the current abandoned lands. There are several
different things included in the game and they will be explained below.
Of course the combat is a huge factor in the game. When you attack an
enemy army it's showing the battle in text format and calculating the
losses for each army. This is done fairly good calculated on how many men
you have in your army. When a castle is attacked you also have to hit
down the castle walls with a catapult. The more you destroy the easier it
will get afterwards. Finally sword fighting is included when you either
have to free a person or capture your upcoming pride. This is probably
the best part of the game as the atmosphere and graphics in this part of
the game is very well done. Finally you also have to collect taxes from
the lands you own and you are very dependant on this as you can buy new
armies for the gold you collect from this. Several minor features are
included and one of the better ones is that you can meet up with Robin
Hood and also convince him to help you when you attack the enemy. This
can result in that the enemy will have less men which helps you in the
end. Overall the graphics are quite detailed although it doesn't mean
that they are good looking but at least it's always easy to navigate
around in the game. Defender of the Crown is a bit difficult game so I
recommend you give it some time, as you will most likely find it good
once you have learned the basics in it. Note that this is the CGA version
and isn't really recommended unless you have a computer that can only
view CGA graphics.

Review 3:

You find yourself back in the time of Robin Hood and are one of 4
landlords trying to unite the country. Defender of the Crown is surely a
classical Strategy-Game. Challenging and involving. It doesn't only
concentrate on the strategical aspect, but also on some action, like
fencing or jousting. Hold tournaments, where you can fight for a piece of
land or simply invade it. Also some diplomatical aspects in it. Overall
still one of my favorite games of this genre. This game set standards and
it's style dominated the strategy-genre for many years, take a look at
games like Kingmaker for example, though that one lacks the
action-aspects. The atmosphere and historical background of this game
remained unbeaten for a long time. This is the original release of the
game - it's in CGA... so basically, it is pretty ugly. An EGA version of
this game was released a year later and the better graphics surely add to
the gameplay. Compared to other CGA games the graphics of Defender of the
Crown are definitely above standard. But that's pretty much it. Please
note that the sound of either version belongs to the VERY annoying sort.
And I haven't found a way to disable it. Review 4: Defender of The Crown
is unquestionably Cinemaware's best game, and one of the best Amiga games
ever released (although the PC version offers no less gameplay, it pales
in comparison to the vibrant graphics and amazing soundtrack of the Amiga
version). What makes this game a classic is the masterful blend of
action, adventure, and strategy game elements. The basic object is to
take over all of medieval Britain by capturing the home castle of each
leader. You do this with a campaign army made up of soldiers, knights,
and catapults. Besides fighting other armies and taking over their
castles, you can also conduct raids and participate in jousts, which can
be played either for fame or for land. In a raid, you can raid a rivals
castle for gold, or if the chance arrives, rescue a saxon maiden who will
become your wife. If there is any criticism that can be levelled against
this excellent game, it is that the action elements are sometimes too
difficult-- jousting experienced opponents can be a chore, as can the
side-scrolling sword fights that take place during the raid or maiden
rescue. Aside from this minor complaint, Defender of The Crown is one of
the most atmospheric and truly cinematic games you'll likely find. As
with all other Cinemaware games, beautifully drawn intermissions and
cutscenes are included. This is the rarer EGA version of the game
released by Mirrorsoft which puts it on par with the Commodore 64
version, with vibrant graphics and the same gameplay that we all know and

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