Desert Strike Return To The Gulf

Copyright: © 1994 Gremlin Interactive Ltd
Genre: Arcade action

Arcade action

Desert Strike: Return to The Gulf
Pretty cool conversion of Electronic Arts' Mega Drive action hit Desert
Strike, the first game in their "Strike"-games series. An isometric-view
heli-shooter, not bad at all - just leave out the idiotic story. That
banal premise has probably been played to death by the many follow-ups,
without adding anything to the game. Despite cliche premise (part of the
war effort in the Gulf, yada yada yada), the game is a lot of fun. Your
helicopter has various weapons and a winch, which can be used to pickup
ammo, fuel, armor, and even POW's. Missions range from rescue to seek and
destroy, and the game switches objectives often enough that it never
becomes boring. The maps are huge, and full of interesting power-ups,
secrets, and various ground-based enemies. You can blow up most things,
including buildings, and the graphics are superior to most games at the
time. Overall, a great game for all fans of shooters which might even
appeal to flight sim gamers. The successor Jungle Strike is also
available at this site. Note: You might experience a "divide overflow"
problem when trying to start the game. If you're one of these unlucky
ones, just execute the game a couple of times in succession. It usually
works for me after the 10th or so try ;)

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