Destruction Derby

Copyright: © 1996 Reflections Interactive
Genre: Arcade action

Arcade action

Destruction Derby
It's one hell of a good idea, this game! You might have seen a
destruction derby or a destruction race in your life, but to the ones who
haven't, I'll explain the idea. There are a few ways of driving, but the
most obvious differences is "bowl driving" and "track driving", track
driving is just riding down a small track and bowl driving is one big
circle with the border as its only boundary. Destruction driving, as the
name will tell, has few rules. You can drive against time, against
players or against destruction. Destruction is most fun, it means you
will be driving down the track or in the bowl and the only thing that
really counts is earning as many points as you can by crashing other
players' cars and keeping your car from destruction. At the track there's
also a lap limit, so points and place will decide who has won the race.
It's fun to play and the commentary gives it the extra kick. The
commentary reminds me a bit of Monstertruck Madness, however, this is an
all different type of game though... I recommend this one, especially if
you've never played it!

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