Eight Ball Deluxe

Copyright: © 1995 Amtex
Genre: Arcade action

Arcade action

Eight Ball Deluxe
Review 1:
PLOCK - *click* *clickaclick* The typical sounds of a pinball machine.
Add some happy nonsense music to it and you got it. This game recreates a
great "realistic" pinball atmosphere. You play on a billard themed table
that simply looks great (thinking of the time it was made). The sound is
also nice, some digitized speech in the beginning. Gameplay itself is not
quite as good as the graphics if you ask me - it's still good, but not
good enough to beat the really big pinball games. Still enough to have a
lot of fun with this. The controls are accurate - you can even push the
table from different sides (don't overdo it or you'll TILT it). Basically
good work here from the technical side and a sure must for every pinball

Review 2:

Second in Amtex' line of computer pinball games (after Tristan Pinball)
and the first to simulate an actual pinball machine, Eight Ball Deluxe is
an excellent replication of a popular Bally Midway pinball machine of the
same name. The game features hi-resolution graphics, supporting modes
from 320 x 200 all the way to 1024 x 768. One of the game's strengths is
the ability to change the voltage levels, which allow you to either
supercharge or deaden the bumpers, and the ability to change the pitch of
the playing field, making the action faster or slower. Another unique
feature is the magnet ball, which allows the player to, using his mouse,
drag the ball around the playing field, to experiment with the different
scoring methods and to develop strategies. Unfortunately, the game has
one large drawback: lack of variety. Other computer pinball hits such as
Pinball Fantasies and Epic Pinball include several different pinball
games, while Eight Ball Deluxe includes only one. To it's credit,
however, there is nothing wrong with the game itself. It's perfect for
those times when you've got five minutes to play something. The ball and
flipper physics are of proper simulation quality. The sound effects
realistically capture the sound and speech synthesis of the time and
convey a charming arcade feel. I can't much criticize the game for
anything, as its goal is to replicate an actual pinball machine, and it
does it well. If you don't like an older, slower pinball machine that
mainly has a target bank, a few bumpers and rollover lanes, you probably
won't like this computer equivalent either. But if you want to relive a
bit of nostalgia on your PC, Eight Ball Deluxe succeeds in spades. Highly
recommended, especially for fans of the real table.

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