Eishockey Manager

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Eishockey Manager
The ice-hockey counterpart to the popular soccer management game
Bundesliga Manager Professional. It was done by the same people (KRON),
and it shows as layout and design is very similar to the football
management game. It's an official licensed DEB product, so you'll find
the real club and player names. However this one was done long before the
DEL existed, so there are no "Mannheimer Adler" or "Kölner Haie", but the
good old club names. The game offers most of the aspects you would expect
from such a game. Up to four players can take part in managing their
favorite club. You'll have to take care of the team set-up, tactics, the
training program, sponsors, transfers, contracts, all the financials and
even your playing grounds. As in the soccer game, there's an option to
turn on goal-scenes, which add to the excitement. However you can't take
part in the action. All-in-all a well laid-out fun game. There are only
very few similar games, so every ice-hockey fan should get hold of this
one. In Germany, ice-hockey is by far not as popular as football and so
the game didn't spawn endless successors as Bundesliga did.

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