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Review 1:
The pioneer of Space trading/combat simulation genre. Many other titles
were inspired by the original Elite but neither of them reached the glory
of the mother of them all! Elite puts You in a role of starship commander
(a small starship). You can choose to be whatever You want - a trader,
mercenary, pirate, all of the above! Trade goods and earn money slowly or
seek and destroy other ships. As you earn ranks You'll be offered some
missions to finally reach the ultimate rank - ELITE. Very hard and very

Review 2:

This game was the first of its kind. Forget about a simple 2-d affair
where one guides their sprite to safety or aliens must be blasted only to
be replaced by another wave until you expire. Ambitious by design, Elite
won itself numerous fans throughout the 80's by allowing the player to
explore the universe in 3-dimensions. Yes, so the graphics were only wire
frame vectors but they did the job. Trading is a big part of life in
Elite. Lucrative gains can be made by dealing in illegal good and profit
is plentiful on feudal worlds if you can get to the space station alive.
Pirates wait in groups and will do everything they can to relieve you of
your cargo. Speaking of pirating, you can also try your own hand at it
but don't expect the police to turn a blind eye. In this game your legal
status is important, though not as imperative as your ranking system. You
start out as harmless and after a few kills become known as mostly
harmless right through until you reach Elite. The first thing you'll need
is a docking computer. After that it's a good idea to upgrade the ship -
in particular your weapons. Missions crop up every now and then but sadly
not often enough. The action can wear thin but the ranking system keeps
you interested. Often imitated but yet to be bettered Elite remains one
of the most memorable games ever coded. If you've got the time, patience
and imagination, strap yourself into the pilot's seat, take an ample
supply of food and water and enjoy yourself.

Review 3:

This is the game that started it all - Elite became a cult-classic and no
Sci-Fi-Fan should miss it. That trading/fighting-concept was a really
great idea back then. Millions of players still try their best to become
Elite - which means you are highly respected and more than dangerous to
everyone stupid enough to attack you. I must admit that I never really
got into this one - I am more a fan of its sequel Frontier. But the
reason could simply be that I got that one some years before Elite.
Anyway, you might miss one of the best games in gaming-history if you
don't even have a look at it. The only difference between Elite and
Elite+ (also up at our site) are the better graphics of the 2nd one. It's
a remake of the original game and FAR better. I recommend you play that
version, but for all you nostalgic freaks out there (and those who want
to run it on their old 286) I also added the first version of David
Braben and Ian Bell's innovative game - it's at least a great example of
very intelligent programming-techniques, just look at the size of the
game and compare it to the huge universe you are able to explore! Review
4: Here it is-- the game that started a whole new genre of space trading
games. Elite gives you complete freedom to find fame and fortune in a
vast universe, as a space mercenary. It is difficult to find fault with
Elite: from the amazing flight model to the intuitive interface,
revolutionary graphics (for its time), great variety of ships, and many
other novel ideas, Elite is a true classic. Beside revolutionary 3D
engine for its time, Elite also boasts a huge universe to explore with
many random elements to ensure virtually unlimited replayability. Trade
various cargoes, salvage enemy ships, and take on increasingly difficult
missions as a mercenary for hire. Ian Bell has recently released the game
into the public domain, so go to his site right now for the game and
other assorted goodies. Review 5: 'Command your Cobra spaceship in a
fantastic voyage of discovery and adventure, a supreme test of your
combat, navigational and entrepreneurial skills. Trade between countless
planets, using the proceeds to equip your ship with heat-seeking
missiles, beam lasers and other weapons - corporate states can be
approached without risk, but unruly anarchies may be swarming with space
pirates. Black market trading can be lucrative but could result in
skirmishes with local police and a price on your head! However you make
your money, by fair means or foul, you must blast onwards through space
annihilating pirate ships and hostile aliens as you strive to earn your
reputation as one of the Elite!' Elite is quite possibly the best game
ever created, a masterpiece of design and gameplay. While the game is
immense (remember that word!) the concept is simple: you are a freelance
space pilot... that's it! The game has 8 galaxies to explore, each
containing approximately 500 unique planets. You can be a choose to be a
trader and ferry goods between worlds, or a pirate who attacks ships and
takes their cargo. Or a bounty hunter, or an asteroid miner or... you get
the idea ;) Earn money, upgrade your ship, undertake missions, maybe even
go after the evil Thargoids (the big bad aliens in the game). What you do
is entirely up to you. This game truly is a classic.

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