Exterminator The

Copyright: © 1983 Windmill Software
Genre: Arcade action

Arcade action

Exterminator, The
The Exterminator is a lackluster clone of Centipede from Windmill
Software, the preeminent clone house in early 1980s that basically tried
to emulate Atari by cloning all of their coin-op classics. The idea
behind The Exterminator is virtually identical to Centipede. The game
takes place on a level playing field full of mushrooms. You are a little
shooting thing (I never figured out what it is) that can maneuver along
the bottom few rows of the screen. A centipede, consisting of a head and
many body segments, comes towards you row by row, and you must kill it.
If you shoot any segment, the centipede is split in half like a worm. The
segment you shoot turns into a mushroom that you can destroy but
obstructs your shots. There are a few other insects hopping around laying
mushrooms and getting in your way. If you collide with an insect, you
die. The original Centipede is simple and inexplicably addictive in light
of the gameís repetitiveness. The Exterminator somehow loses the
addictiveness of the original and adds nothing that sets it apart. The
result is a competent but uninspired clone that will interest you for a
few minutes... before you go back to Atariís timeless classic.

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