Copyright: © 1996 Telstar Electronic Studios
Genre: Adventure

Fable is a decent point-and-click adventure from Telstar that
unfortunately got very little notice due to lack of fanfare, limited
distribution, and the general slump in adventure game genre. The plot is
typical fantasy mumbo-jumbo: you control Quickthorpe, who is tasked with
finding the four fabled jewels to restore his land to former peace.
Gordon Aplin echos up my feelings about the game in his review at the
Quandary: "Overall, I thought that Fable had a lot of potential that was
not quite fulfilled. The dialogue and the ending were, for me,
disappointing, as was the lack of any real depth to the story. On the
other hand, I still enjoyed the adventuring components, but then, I do
like this style of graphic adventure. Experienced players may find it to
be a bit too easy, but it's certainly entertaining enough to provide
light relief between tougher games and offers a reasonable challenge to
players new to the genre. I'd like to recommend it as suitable for all
the family, but just remember that it does contain some rather immature
and uninspired dialogue."

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