Fade To Black

Copyright: © 1995 Electronic Arts Inc
Genre: Adventure

Fade to Black
Fade to Black is a disappointing sequel to Delphine's excellent Flashback
the Quest for Identity. Although it has all the makings of a great game,
the constantly shifting camera angles and awkward interface make the game
too frustrating for all but the most experienced action gamers. Anyone
who has played Flashback will be familiar with the gameplay of Fade to
Black. Resuming the role of Conrad Hart, your task is once again to stop
the alien Morphs from taking over the Earth. You will shoot any aliens in
sight whole solving a few puzzles to gain access to new areas to gain
access to even more difficult levels. Unfortunately, the game's promising
start and impressive 3D polygonal graphics quickly get bogged down with
obtrusive camera angles that become annoying as soon as the initial "wow"
factor wears off. Fade to Black uses a moving camera technique that was
supposed to follow the action from the best possible angle. However,
"best" in this case is very subjective indeed: after seeing Conrad die a
lot from some unseen blows that camera wouldn't show you, you'll begin to
wonder if the camera isn't being control by the Morphs themselves who
want Conrad to suffer endless deaths. Since there is no way to toggle
this "intelligent" camera off, all you can do is grit your teeth,
restore, and move on. Even more frustrating are the controls, which
require much too many keystrokes, especially considering that the moves
you can make are limited to looking around corners, running, and
shooting. Anyone familiar with the intuitive interface of Doom will have
much to get used to here. Despite quirky camera angles and awkward
controls, however, Fade to Black still packs enough good story, great
atmosphere, and some creative physical puzzles to keep you glued to the
end. Its flaws make it difficult to become completely immersed in the
game, but those who persevere will truly enjoy the experience.
Recommended, but definitely NOT for anyone who's not a joystick expert--
this is much, much more action-intensive than Flashback.

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