Faery Tale Adventure 2 Halls of the Dead

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Genre: Role playing games

Role playing games

Faery Tale Adventure 2: Halls of the Dead
Just like its predecessor, this is meant to be an introductory game for
the RPG genre. You will once again meet the three brothers Julian,
Phillip and Kevin. The biggest difference between the two games is the
graphics. As you can see from the screenshots, the game uses pixel
graphics. The designers have followed every rule regarding pixel art and
they were all masters. The result is extraordinary. As with so many RPG's
you begin inside a city. Here you will walk into every house, steal
everything that isn't nailed down and then sell it to the local pawnshop.
With the money you receive you will buy better weapons and armor. (I
always find RPG heroes to be kleptomaniacs... but none of the NPC's seems
to mind. Maybe it is because they just saw you slay a dragon with a
single blow of your warhammer. If you want to steal their pillows, pots
and flowers, they are NOT going to stand in your way. I know I
wouldn't... ) After you are finished with the theft, you venture outside
the city walls, to kill yourself a Goblin, an Orc, a Troll... and so on.
Only to loot them afterwards, and leave them to rot on the ground.
Niiice. The game is also filled with mini-quests, so try to talk to
everyone you meet. There might be a fair maiden needing three young men
to rescue her, an Ogre to kill, or apples to be collected... Some quests
will also be written down in books and tomes, so read these as well. They
may contain valuable clues. The game scores highly in every aspect
(except maybe on teaching you good social manners). Note that the music
and videos have been removed to minimize the size (and their absence is
therefore not a fault of the game). The sound, however, is more than
enough to enable you to embrace the atmosphere in the game. This game
should be on every gamer's "to play" list.

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