Fantasy Empires

Copyright: © 1993 Silicon Knights
Genre: Strategy games

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Fantasy Empires
Review 1:
Yet another SSI strategy game that didn't really make it (note that SSI
haven't made great strategy games) but Fantasy Empires is just too unique
in it's interface and a bit difficult to learn and that might have been
the reason why the game never really "got big". You can choose to play
either a scenario or a full campaign and as you may have guessed the game
takes place in a fantasy world. The best thing in the game is the mixture
of strategy based and action based game play which changes everytime you
enter a battle.

Review 2:

Definitely one of the best fantasy games ever made, Fantasy Empires is an
incredibly addictive fantasy strategy game that combines real-time
tactical combat, numerous strategic options, and brilliant graphics and
sound effects into an unforgettable gaming experience. Set in the D&D
world of Mystara, Fantasy Empires is similar to SSG's Warlords and SSI's
earlier Sword of Aragon. Combat is, however, real-time; although the
arcade segment will be fairly acceptable to most wargamers who dislike
frenetic action games. You begin by creating your character, as well as
up to 4 opponents. Gameplay is split between the strategic map, where you
can cast spells, select diplomacy actions, build several structures to
train different unit types (similar to Master of Magic), and the close-up
tactical view screen where you can see and control your armies in battle.
You can also use spys to wreck havoc on your enemies. One of the best
features of the game is the "Dungeon Master" -- a computer-controlled
wizard who will give you advice and general remarks during the game, in a
surprisingly well-done digitalized voice. As in RPGs, your characters and
units grow in experience as you progress through the campaign, earning
you access to more powerful spells and buildings. Overall, Fantasy
Empires is simply a must-play for all fantasy wargamers. My only gripe is
that because you must conquer EVERY territory to win the game, later
stages can become a long, boring waiting game of attrition.

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