Fleet Sweep

Copyright: © 1983 Mirror Images Software
Genre: Arcade action

Arcade action

Fleet Sweep
Review 1:
Fleet Sweep is one of the early classics offering the well known arcade
shooter gameplay. The game is simple and unless you are a fan of these
kind of old games I can't recommend that you spend time on this game
since it doesn't offer anything special. The game reminds me a lot of the
many Atari arcade games where you control a spaceship and have to blow up
as many enemy spaceships and other objects as possible on each level with
only very little variation. Both the graphics and sound are limited
mainly because of the technology available at the time of the development
of Fleet Sweep. Stay clear of this game unless you just don't know what
to spend your time on.

Review 2:

Freddy Fish, Fleet Sweep, and Spyder are three arcade oldies by Mirror
Images Software, no doubt one of the most obscure game developers ever.
Similar to Windmill Software, Mirror Images produced games that were
"inspired" (to put it mildly) by well-known arcade classics, most often
ATARI games. They all play pretty well, but they don't really offer any
innovations to set them apart from the original classics. Of this trio,
Spyder is probably the best game of the lot: you shoot spiders that drop
from the ceiling, and there are a few surprises on the later levels to
keep things interesting. Fleet Sweep is good fun, but it becomes tedious
after a while once a lot of fish fill up the screen. All three games
except Spyder suffer from quick repetitiveness, but they'll hold your
interest for a few minutes at least. If you just want to pick the best
game of the lot, try Spyder, peek at Freddy Fish and leave Fleet Sweep

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