Copyright: © 1984 Peter Adams
Genre: Simulations


One of the earliest shareware games (although you don't get extra
gameplay features from registering), Flightmare lets you pilot a prop
plane to fight off a band of vandals before they reach your city.
Although the game was made long before the advent of 3D graphics, it
represents 3D dimension in an ingenious way: by letting you manipulate
the plane in both the horizontal and vertical viewpoints. Although this
makes it harder for an enemy to hit you because he must be lined up with
you in both views, it also makes it harder for YOU to hit your enemies.
Lining up both the side view and the top view to connect a shot is a
challenging requirement that seems almost impossible to do until you get
a lot of practice. Once you get the hang of it, though, you'll find
Flightmare an enjoyable little gem. Similar to Sopwith, the game is more
sophisticated than it appears. You must refuel from time to time with a
blimp, watch your ammo, and finish the level before time limit runs out.
If you like Sopwith, you'll find Flightmare a similarly captivating and
addictive game.

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