Garfield Caught In The Act

Copyright: © 1996 Sega Entertainment Inc
Genre: Arcade action

Arcade action

Garfield: Caught in The Act
Garfield: Caught in the Act is a fun platform game starring everyone?s
favorite hungry cat. As the game begins, Garfield has somehow been sucked
into, and is now trapped inside, a TV. Your task is to help him find
missing remote-control pieces to assemble a remote control, and use it
get out of that infernal box. The game plays in a typical
avoid-obstacles-and-find-the-exit goal common to most platformers, with
colorful background graphics and smooth animation of Garfield and his
antics. Levels are a bit repetitive (zany graphics of circuitry inside
your TV isn?t that interesting, after all), but there are many
interactive objects to keep gameplay fresh. Garfield, for example, can
grab a hold of overhead wires and swing himself across chasms. Similar to
Activision?s Pitfall , Caught in The Fact requires more dexterity and
timing in getting from point A to B, than on rapid-fire attacks against
hordes of monsters. Similar to SEGA?s other platformer Comix Zone, there
are many well-animated cutscenes shown at the end of each level to
advance the plot. Overall, Caught in The Act is solid fun for all fans of
the comics, although it could use more clever level design and gameplay
variety. Recommended.

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